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#4 – Watch out for your health – take a break if you can – Workrave

I’m not a doctor but I know quite a lot of people that have some health problems due to fact that are using computer all day long. One of those problems is called RSI. There is lot of web pages that talk about RSI and how to prevent it. You will find different exercises on many of them. Now you just have to remember to take a break during your busy day and that’s where Workrave comes in.

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#3 – Window size – a great tool for web designers and developers

Creating a web site that would look good and be usable on different resolution settings and in all web browsers can be very challenging task. Maybe even impossible one. Most likely at the beginning you will deiced to do web site for some resolution like 1024×768 or 1280×1024 (according to Wikpedia this two are most used this days). Every time when you would like to see what does your web site look at different resolution, or to be more exact at specific window size, you have to change your system settings and maximize your browser window. This process can be very frustrating and tiresome. To avoid that process you can use program called Window Size.

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